Why Social Escorts Are Here To Stay In Singapore

While there are some industries which may change or alter fundamentally over time, there are a few which have withstood the test of time and technology.

One such industries are the social escorts industry. If you are looking for an escort agency in Singapore instead, then check them out.

What are the reasons for that?

Saves time

Engaging a female escort from either an agency or from a classified ad posted by an independent saves time. Instead of going to a bar or club in Singapore to try to pick up a girl, just meet a social escort. While they cost a lot usually, they are a great time saver for people.

Singapore social escort

SuitableĀ for busy career men

As mentioned above, meeting a female escort is very suitable for busy career men. For instance, a surgeon, investment banker or a law firm director would probably not have the effort and energy to hang out at bars. High powered career men are usually career and work focused. They do not do things that common men do. However, that also means they do not have the luxury of time. Therefore, social escorts are the perfect choice for them!

Since Singapore has lots of powerful and wealthy men, and business tourists, there will be no lack of demand for escorts.

Some men do not want to ever get married

There are an increasing rank of men who do not wish to get married. More men in Singapore are also preferring to get married later in life. Many wish to establish a stable career first, especially when Singapore costs so much to live in comfortably!

Since many girls in Singapore get into relationships only expecting long term monogamous relationships, it may be unethical to date local girls for these men. Therefore, many of these Singaporean men turn to more fleeting types of relationships such as sugar babies or female escorts.

What better way for a no strings attached relationship?

There is no better way for a no strings attached relationship than getting a local female escort. Even a sugar baby has slightly more commitment due to the usual monthly financial commitments that a sugar baby will demand from her financier. However, when it comes to social escorts, it is pay per meet, and much more convenient for the successful men.

Differences Between Social Escorts & Rent-A-Friend Services?

What are the differences between social escort services and rent a friend services in Singapore?

In recent years, there has been more and more rent a friend services popping up. The most recent one being maybe.sg, a local Singapore venture.

So what is the difference between rent a friend services and social escort services? Or are there no differences?

Difference number 1: Friend zone versus girlfriend

First of all, when it comes to rent a friend services in Singapore, you are essentially renting a friend – albeit usually of the opposite gender. Have you ever gone out with a female colleague or classmate when you were younger, and she had already friend-zoned you? That is exactly how it is, because you are renting a friend as the name suggests too! However, when it comes to social escort services, you are renting a girlfriend in Singapore. This means that your social escort will pretend as though she is your girlfriend. The biggest difference is that one is like going out with a girl who friend-zoned you and the other feels like meeting a girl who is your girlfriend.

Difference number 2: Even flirty, playful, non-sexual touches is prohibited

Second of all, while sexual services are prohibited by all legal Singapore companies there is by right no form of physical contact whatsoever when it comes to rent a friend. This technically means that even a light tap is not allowed. I do not know about you, but this seems a little too extreme. If that is the case, why would I go meet this girl? I could simply meet a random girl off Tinder or a colleague or an ex-classmate, and it will probably be equally be the same experience. While sexual services are outlawed by the Singapore government for social escort agencies too, playful and flirty touches here and there is perfectly legal. If I were to pay, I would rather pay for that.