Expat Dating Places In Singapore – Where To Pick Up Girls?

expat dating in Singapore final

If you are an expatriate looking to date in Singapore, here are some of your best choices. Some of them are better than others, so make sure to read till the end!

On the other hand, you want to go here if you are looking for things for bachelors to do in Singapore instead.

Streets of Singapore

First of all, you could try simply picking up girls on the streets of Singapore! The thing about Singapore is that few men do this. Most of them head to the clubs or go to group gatherings to pick up girls. Therefore, if you do this, you will definitely get the attention of the Singaporean girls. However, you may want to note that while this approach will definitely help you stand out in Singapore, you still need to be smooth and know how to approach girls.

Night clubs

Second of all, if you want the cliché method of picking up girls and dating in Singapore, then head on over to one of Singapore’s popular night clubs on Wednesday night. Girls get free entry to night clubs on Wednesdays for most clubs in Singapore. Therefore, as an expat living in SG, you will be able to meet a lot more girls quite easily at the clubs. The only downside is that there will be a lot of guys at night clubs on Wednesdays too!

Date a social escort

Third of all, you could go for a shortcut, and simply date a social escort instead. Social escorts in Singapore are typically found online through escort directories or more popularly through big agencies. Here is my post on the best places to find social escorts in Singapore. That is really one of the best ways to date in Singapore for the loaded men.

Clarke Quay bar scene

Next of all, you could opt for a popular option among expats in Singapore. You could hang out at Clarke Quay area and try to pick up girls there. What many expats in Singapore do is to actually head on over to Clarke Quay area with a couple of buddies, and then simply try to pick up a chick there. If no sexy girl walks by that evening, then they just continue hanging out as per normal with each other! Otherwise, they try to pick up the girl. The good thing about nightclubs and these Clarke Quay bars is that the girls who head over to those areas are generally well dressed.

Local mobile dating applications

Finally, you could also try a mobile dating application if you are excellent at taking good photographs of yourself. Tinder, Paktor and OkCupid are your ideal choice if you want to go through large amounts of girls all at once. Coffee Meets Bagel, while getting popular, is definitely not for the expat player, as you can only get one match per day.

Singapore Matchmaking Dating Services – Changing Perceptions

Singapore matchmaking dating services

Matchmakers and dating agency services are increasingly getting popular in Singapore now

In the past, there used to be lots of stigma in Singapore towards matchmaking services. However, in recent years in Singapore, matchmakers have become popular once again, and some such example will be Truematchmaking.com, LunchActually.com amongst others.

If you are instead looking for a matchmaking and dating agency, contact a reputable company here.

However, it was not always the case in the past

Let us take a quick look back into history. Let us take a look at the dating scene in Singapore in the past.

In the past, many Singaporeans viewed others who used matchmakers as socially inept, or just awkward. There were some reasons for this.

People made fun due to SDN cheesy image and events

Social development network (SDN) of Singapore is the government agency which attempts to get its citizens to get hitched, married and have kids. However, due to the initial decades of cheesy branding, there is a negative stigma of sorts towards such types of activities in Singapore.

While there are lots of independent matchmakers in Singapore unrelated to SDN, many people still used to associate the cheesy image of SDN to these independent matchmakers as well.

Stigma in Singapore changing due to everyone’s busy schedule

Singapore has evolved over the years, and with it, its citizens lifestyles.

More people are now working white collared professionals, with very hectic schedules. In fact, for the high flyers, there is a lot more time commitment. This means that there is increasingly less time for these professionals in Singapore to date.

More and more people having less time to date

Singapore has become more expensive, and so more people put more attention into their careers. As a result, people are spending more time on their work, and hence less free time to go out dating.

More and more people are now starting to realize the importance of traditional matchmakers in Singapore.

More and more people getting married later

Also, more Singaporeans are getting married at a later age and stage in life. This means that for these Singaporeans, it can be harder to date or find dates in other ways such as the bar or club scene. This is because due to their age, other potential suitors may be scared off and automatically assume these eligible singles are already attached or even married.

As such, matchmaker services in Singapore for the marriage minded are more suitable for these older gentlemen or ladies.

Best Places To Find Social Escorts In Singapore – Comparison

Singapore escort 2

When it comes to social escorts in Singapore, I usually just go straight for SG VIP Escorts, their agency and female escorts are simply the best in Singapore.

However, I understand that you want to know the choices you may possibly have. And here are some of the very best places and methods you can use to find social escorts in Singapore.

Top 4 Places In Singapore To Look For Social Escorts

1) Google


I know – duh. Google is one of the easiest ways to look for services or literally any information you ever want. It is also the case for looking for escorts. Simply Googling for something like ‘SG escorts’ or ‘Singapore escorts’ and you will be able to pull up lots of them within a few seconds of your search for them.


  • Very fast and simple.
  • Immediately accessible from your mobile device.
  • Since escort agencies in Singapore do not have physical office locations, online websites are the best option for you. In fact, this is also more discreet for you!


  • This is more of a preliminary step, after which you will still need to decide where to book your escort from.

2) Online escort directories


These are basically listing directories for escort girls. Most of the girls listed on these online escort directories are usually from Europe or from South East Asian countries other than Singapore. If you want to meet a foreigner, online escort directories are the best option for you!

An example of this will be Skokka.com


  • It is a congregated list of escorts advertising their services in Singapore.
  • Tons of ads.


  • Need you to do your own quality control and vetting as there are lots of outdated ads.
  • Lots of escorts on such independent directories tend to utilize stolen and fake images. Beware.

3) Escort agencies

SG VIP Escorts
SG VIP Escorts

Basically what I mentioned in the first line of this article above, escort agencies in Singapore are like that of SG VIP Escorts.

Agencies are basically like middlemen who sort through the list of girls before displaying them on their website. I usually go this route due to me liking Singaporean girls only, and they’re usually found there.


  • As long as you stick to large, reputable escort agencies in Singapore, you are generally fine.
  • A trusted agency will be able to provide you with the guarantee that the girls will be the one featured or it’s free.
  • Able to provide genuine Singaporean girl escorts, which are nearly impossible to find anywhere else in Singapore.
  • Verifications per agency is usually only done once, after which you can get recommendations from the agency easily.


  • Can be more costly.
  • Usually only provides SG girls. If you like them, great. If you prefer foreigners, look for other solutions instead.

4) Independent escort websites

Also known as freelance girls to Singaporeans, these are basically girls who work for themselves.

While the number of these freelance girls’ websites in Singapore is small, there are a few genuine ones. CourtesanCara.com and RisqueRebeccaxo.com are two of the more popular ones in Singapore.


  • It is akin to having your own sugar baby and it can feel more emotionally intimate when engaging her services – just that she is an escort and there is no fixed monthly commitment for you.


  • Most often is not any cheaper at all than any other options. Sometimes, it is even more expensive!
  • Usually requires a significant amount more information about yourself… I mean it. Just check out their website to see the insane amount of disclosures you need to give them. Just your full legal name is still not sufficient. They very often want to know where you work e.t.c. and with proof of that before considering to accept you as their clients.
  • To make it worse, most independent escorts in Singapore only accept advance bookings only. Forget about trying to book on the same day – it is nearly impossible.

As you can tell, there are advantages and disadvantages to every place. It depends on what you value most, and that is what you should make your final decision based upon.

Differences Between Social Escorts & Rent-A-Friend Services?

What are the differences between social escort services and rent a friend services in Singapore?

In recent years, there has been more and more rent a friend services popping up. The most recent one being maybe.sg, a local Singapore venture.

So what is the difference between rent a friend services and social escort services? Or are there no differences?

Difference number 1: Friend zone versus girlfriend

First of all, when it comes to rent a friend services in Singapore, you are essentially renting a friend – albeit usually of the opposite gender. Have you ever gone out with a female colleague or classmate when you were younger, and she had already friend-zoned you? That is exactly how it is, because you are renting a friend as the name suggests too! However, when it comes to social escort services, you are renting a girlfriend in Singapore. This means that your social escort will pretend as though she is your girlfriend. The biggest difference is that one is like going out with a girl who friend-zoned you and the other feels like meeting a girl who is your girlfriend.

Difference number 2: Even flirty, playful, non-sexual touches is prohibited

Second of all, while sexual services are prohibited by all legal Singapore companies there is by right no form of physical contact whatsoever when it comes to rent a friend. This technically means that even a light tap is not allowed. I do not know about you, but this seems a little too extreme. If that is the case, why would I go meet this girl? I could simply meet a random girl off Tinder or a colleague or an ex-classmate, and it will probably be equally be the same experience. While sexual services are outlawed by the Singapore government for social escort agencies too, playful and flirty touches here and there is perfectly legal. If I were to pay, I would rather pay for that.