Singapore Matchmaking Dating Services – Changing Perceptions

Matchmakers and dating agency services are increasingly getting popular in Singapore now

In the past, there used to be lots of stigma in Singapore towards matchmaking services. However, in recent years in Singapore, matchmakers have become popular once again, and some such example will be, amongst others.

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However, it was not always the case in the past

Let us take a quick look back into history. Let us take a look at the dating scene in Singapore in the past.

In the past, many Singaporeans viewed others who used matchmakers as socially inept, or just awkward. There were some reasons for this.

People made fun due to SDN cheesy image and events

Social development network (SDN) of Singapore is the government agency which attempts to get its citizens to get hitched, married and have kids. However, due to the initial decades of cheesy branding, there is a negative stigma of sorts towards such types of activities in Singapore.

While there are lots of independent matchmakers in Singapore unrelated to SDN, many people still used to associate the cheesy image of SDN to these independent matchmakers as well.

Stigma in Singapore changing due to everyone’s busy schedule

Singapore has evolved over the years, and with it, its citizens lifestyles.

More people are now working white collared professionals, with very hectic schedules. In fact, for the high flyers, there is a lot more time commitment. This means that there is increasingly less time for these professionals in Singapore to date.

More and more people having less time to date

Singapore has become more expensive, and so more people put more attention into their careers. As a result, people are spending more time on their work, and hence less free time to go out dating.

More and more people are now starting to realize the importance of traditional matchmakers in Singapore.

More and more people getting married later

Also, more Singaporeans are getting married at a later age and stage in life. This means that for these Singaporeans, it can be harder to date or find dates in other ways such as the bar or club scene. This is because due to their age, other potential suitors may be scared off and automatically assume these eligible singles are already attached or even married.

As such, matchmaker services in Singapore for the marriage minded are more suitable for these older gentlemen or ladies.

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