Expat Dating Places In Singapore – Where To Pick Up Girls?

If you are an expatriate looking to date in Singapore, here are some of your best choices. Some of them are better than others, so make sure to read till the end!

On the other hand, you want to go here if you are looking for things for bachelors to do in Singapore instead.

Streets of Singapore

First of all, you could try simply picking up girls on the streets of Singapore! The thing about Singapore is that few men do this. Most of them head to the clubs or go to group gatherings to pick up girls. Therefore, if you do this, you will definitely get the attention of the Singaporean girls. However, you may want to note that while this approach will definitely help you stand out in Singapore, you still need to be smooth and know how to approach girls.

Night clubs

Second of all, if you want the cliché method of picking up girls and dating in Singapore, then head on over to one of Singapore’s popular night clubs on Wednesday night. Girls get free entry to night clubs on Wednesdays for most clubs in Singapore. Therefore, as an expat living in SG, you will be able to meet a lot more girls quite easily at the clubs. The only downside is that there will be a lot of guys at night clubs on Wednesdays too!

Date a social escort

Third of all, you could go for a shortcut, and simply date a social escort instead. Social escorts in Singapore are typically found online through escort directories or more popularly through big agencies. Here is my post on the best places to find social escorts in Singapore. That is really one of the best ways to date in Singapore for the loaded men.

Clarke Quay bar scene

Next of all, you could opt for a popular option among expats in Singapore. You could hang out at Clarke Quay area and try to pick up girls there. What many expats in Singapore do is to actually head on over to Clarke Quay area with a couple of buddies, and then simply try to pick up a chick there. If no sexy girl walks by that evening, then they just continue hanging out as per normal with each other! Otherwise, they try to pick up the girl. The good thing about nightclubs and these Clarke Quay bars is that the girls who head over to those areas are generally well dressed.

Local mobile dating applications

Finally, you could also try a mobile dating application if you are excellent at taking good photographs of yourself. Tinder, Paktor and OkCupid are your ideal choice if you want to go through large amounts of girls all at once. Coffee Meets Bagel, while getting popular, is definitely not for the expat player, as you can only get one match per day.

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