Singapore Escorts – How To Find An Escort Legally In SG

If you are looking for an escort in Singapore, and want to make sure that you only look for them legally, then this post is a must read for you. Make sure to read the following very carefully.

Generally speaking, avoid those mainland Chinese sites which are operating or used to operate in Singapore for example SGWolf and SGWolves

These are basically vice websites, which are almost always operated by a mastermind in China, and they sell their services of also China Chinese women living in Singapore. These websites and similar ones to it or even subsequent ones like SG888 and SGLala are all doing the same thing. They are essentially masquerading as escort sites when they truly are online brothels, and are also guilty of hiring foreigners under false permits.  If you want to learn more, you can read about SGWolves shut down news and more here. However, the gist is to simply avoid any sites which are even vaguely similar, or touts itself as an alternative. The main reason for this is because you definitely do not want to be caught in the middle of a anti-vice operation by the local police force when you are with one of their girls.

The minimum age of the escort must be 18

While most people are aware of this already, there are some odd clients who wish to meet an underaged escort. Please do not violate any local laws in Singapore if you are looking for an escort service! You can rest assured that the laws in Singapore are constantly and frequently enforced.

Stick only to Singaporeans

While the laws surrounding the nationalities of the escorts are usually enforced far less strictly, it is technically not legal for any foreigners to tout for business as an escort in Singapore due to no such thing as a VISA or a work permit for escort work. While from a client’s perspective, you are not directly affected, you can be and are often indirectly implicated. The reason for this is because if you are in the middle of a police investigation or sting, and the girls get caught and rounded up, and you are at the scene itself, the police will most likely interrogate you as well to get as much information and evidence as well. To avoid such unnecessary embarrassment and trouble, avoid these altogether. If you really like foreigners, you can look for these escorts at their respective countries, or look for them as sugar babies instead. However, for escorts, stick to Singaporeans.


If you go through an agency, make sure the company is registered

Not only are there lots of unlicenced companies running around, there are even more websites which are run by these unlicenced companies. If you are intending to look for an escort through an agency in Singapore, then it is imperative that you make sure that the company you are engaging the services are even licenced to provide you with those services. Most legitimate companies would not only have their business registration licence featured, they will also definitely have some kind of media presence or mentions elsewhere other than their own websites.

The reason for this is because there is a significantly higher chance that the unlicenced business is also running all sorts of other vice activities underneath, and as a law abiding citizen, you definitely do not want to come into contact with those.

Avoid sites which solicit prostitution from you

This is similar to the first point above. If a website writes extra services or shots or something denoting they are trying to facilitate such transactions, please ignore and avoid! Preferably, you can even go so far to report them to the authorities though most people are not going to. Nonetheless, these are clearly illegal sites violating the Women’s Charter. Avoid these clear online brothel sites. There is no exception to the rule, as likewise, you will be interrogated if you happen to be using their services if the police conduct an undercover sting operation on their company and you happen to be at the scene!


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